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Tata Motors unveiled Tata LPO 1613 CNG Bio-Methane bus

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Tinuku ~ Tata Motors introduces Tata LPO 1613 CNG Bio-Methane fuel bus to contribute positively to the smart cities proposition in creating clean energy and wet waste management. The Mumbai-based automotive giant has developed a bio-CNG bus on three Tata LPO 1613 engines, LCV, ICV and MCV as part of Urges Utsav bioenergy program in Pune.

Tinuku Tata Motors unveiled Tata LPO 1613 CNG Bio-Methane bus

Tata Motors inaugurates the bio-methane bus Tata LPO 1613 Bio-CNG exhibited at Urges Utsav bioenergy program and organized by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas of India. Bio-CNG gas is pressurized natural gas where the company has designed and developed engines for LCV, ICV and MCV buses and powertrain options including 5.7 SGI and SGI 3.8.

The earliest LPO 1613 design features 5.7 SGI NA BS-IV IOBD-II engine that produces 123 bhp and peak torque of 405 Nm. Bio-methane not only reduces emissions for a clean environment, it also helps promote the Government of India's Smart City initiative and has been operated by Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited in Pune City.

CNG-powered engines use methane gas in conjunction with other heavy hydrocarbons, whereas bio-CNG uses only methane so-called bio-methane. Another advantage is the making of bio-CNG is more friendly and more efficient than regular CNG.

"Bio-methane buses are a step towards developing environmentally friendly vehicles. Bio-methane produced from biodegradable materials such as kitchen waste," said Rajendra Petkar, engineer of Tata Motors Head-Power System

"This gas is produced from natural degradation processes, passes to the atmosphere and is unused. But, if compressed and used in the engine, it will reduce the environmental impact and at the same time generate power," Petkar said.

Tata Motors has long worked with CNG technology for performance-related engine drivers and security including injection technology, plug-type coils, long life spark plugs and engine oil savings.


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