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Indonesia blocked Telegram app

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Tinuku ~ Indonesia officially blocked Blocking is based on content on the social media application channel that teaches terrorism a lot. The Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on July 14, 2017 has asked the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to block the eleven Domain Name System (DNS) of Telegram.

Tinuku Indonesia blocked Telegram app

The Indonesian government has blocked Telegram's social media services. They say a lot of channels in the service are loaded with propaganda of radicalism, terrorism, hatred, bomb-making, attacking lessons, disturbing images and others that are contrary to Indonesian laws and regulations.

"Closed for full of radical content such as teaching people how to make bombs," said Minister of Communications and Informatics Indonesia, Rudiantara.

The 11 DNS has been blocked is,,,,,,,,, and

"We are also preparing for the complete closure of Telegram applications in Indonesia if Telegram does not prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for handling unlawful content in their applications," said General Director of Informatics Applications Indonesia, Semuel Pangerapan.

Pangerapan further said this Telegram application endanger the security of not providing SOPs in the handling of terrorism cases. The government also affirmed it will always coordinate with the police, the National Agency for Counter-Terrorism and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) in handling the blocking of terrorist contents.

The government says this blocking is part of a system of mechanisms called TRUST+Positive is a centralized server mechanism that becomes the reference of which information can or can not be accessed by the public.


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