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Elon Musk confirmed Tesla Model 3 hit market this month

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Tinuku ~ Elon Musk confirmed the release of Tesla Model 3. Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, said Tesla Model 3 has complied with all provisions local regulators apply for mass production. Friday predicted the car will into mass production and will be released to the market at a price of US$35,000 as the cheapest Tesla car. Elon Musk confirmed Tesla Model 3 hit market this month

"The party for the delivery of thirty first order Models 3 on July 28! Production figures grew significantly, so in August it will be 100 cars and September more than 1,500 cars," Musk said.

Musk predicts his company is capable of producing 20,000 units of Tesla Model 3 until December. The other two series are Tesla Model S and Model X sold per unit over US$100,000, while Model 3 is only US$35,000 as the cheapest Tesla car series.

Model 3 passes regulatory requirements two weeks ahead of schedule and the first 30 owners will receive their car at the end of this month. The demand for this series is very high and the company has earned pre-orders for Tesla Model 3 to 400,000 units. Customers can choose the car color and wheel size for Model 3.

Tinuku Elon Musk confirmed Tesla Model 3 hit market this month

The car was first introduced at an event held at Tesla's headquarters in California, USA. To produce Model X and Model S is one thing, but to roll out mass market mainstream car is much more challenging from the point of view of production. Tesla wants to produce half a million cars by 2018.

Optimism has lifted Tesla stock price to record highs. Company shares rose more than 64 percent this year, now nearly US$60 billion or above some of Detroit's biggest automotive players. General Motors is worth US$54 billion and Ford is worth US$46 billion.


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