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South Korea operates the Troika robot to serve at airport

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Tinuku ~ South Korea began introducing robots to serve at airport and serving passengers information and cleaning floors. The robot will start roaming at South Korea's largest airport this summer to help travelers find the destination gate and keep the floor clean as the country prepares for the Winter Olympics.

Tinuku South Korea operates the Troika robot to serve at airport

Robot as high as 140 cm with white body and black screen glide through the terminal. Troika is robot made by LG Electronics the size of which will start this month at Incheon International Airport to provide information and deliver travelers to their flights. A jumbo cleaning robot will help clear a large floor at the airport west of Seoul.

Troika is equipped with a rectangular screen like a large smartphone on the front to show flight information, airport maps and weather data. The round head has a flat touch screen displays eyes or information with flashing and smiling.

Travelers enter their airplane ticket to get flight information and Troika will then ask if they want to be escorted to their gates while saying "Please stay close so I can see you." South Korea operates the Troika robot to serve at airport

Robotics as the impact of many large businesses to automate production lines and services. Incheon International Airport Corp. believe Troika is the first time service-oriented robot operated in public spaces in South Korea. Robots recognize locations within the terminal and navigate pedestrians and obstacles.

Other airport operators such as Korea Airports Corp. operates 15 international airports in South Korea have also been working with local companies to introduce air purification robots to measure the air quality and cleanliness of the terminal.

Future plans of Incheon International Airport Corp include deploying robots to inform travelers about goods banned in flights, serving food at airport lounges and carrying goods. Also speak English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


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