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Tinuku ~ has facilitated 1,100 non-formal workers as vendors. The home care marketplace services startup, Tukang, which brings together odd jobs and users continues to enlarge the portfolio of work areas in the non-formal sector and number of workers. The 13 working areas are air conditioner, aluminum, roof, stone and ceramic, paint, furniture and interior, garden, pond, sills, welding, plumbing, electricity and ceiling.

Tinuku already has 1100 workers in 13 jobs

"Currently we are facilitating workers in 13 work areas for both daily and wholesale jobs," said CEO Aziz Hartanto on Monday.

The home improvement service marketplace site established in July 2016 di Jakarta already has at least 13 specialist workers for air conditioning, aluminum, roofs, stones and ceramics, paint, furniture and interiors, gardens, ponds, sills, welding, plumbing, electricity and ceiling.

"You can easily get a professional workforce with a variety of skills that will help fix and resolve problems in your home," Hartanto said.

Hartanto said consumers use the services of the workers through applications that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In contrast to the online transport application, implements a tender system that allows consumers to choose who will be selected to do the task.

"Consumers only include tasks and then the five fastest vendors that respond to consumer demand will be seen on consumer-owned devices," Hartanto said.

Consumers then select one of the five vendors. Selection based on proximity of location with the consumer or completeness of equipment owned by the vendors. These workers will come to the location of the consumer to do the required task. When using a bulk system, the vendor will conduct a survey and provide wage offers.

At the survey process and meet face-to-face with vendors, consumers can bargain wages of work to be done. But Hartanto said has set the price of the work unit so that consumers must obey the wage limit.


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