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Uber launches UberBOAT to serve tourists on Croatian coast

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Tinuku ~ Uber adds speedboat rental services. Uber Technologies extends the scope of transport booking business using an application by launching a speedboat rental service called UberBOAT in Croatia. The official service launched on Friday provides a speedboat of 12 people with routes to connect major tourist spots along the Croatian coast.

Tinuku Uber launches UberBOAT to serve tourists on Croatian coast

Uber had previously tested speedboat rentals in Istanbul, Miami and other locations. UberBOAT is set to begin operations in Croatia this summer to cater for a spike in tourists coming to spend the holidays. This speedboat rental service will be available at Uber app.

Orders for eight or more passengers from the Split City route in the southern Adriatic region to Hvar island are around US$400. Uber says UberBOAT's two modes are an inter-island passenger transfer service and a half-day or full day trip rental. Uber launches UberBOAT to serve tourists on Croatian coast

Users make tour schedules and rent via apps or can follow a schedule that has been prepared by the ship owner to visit popular tourist attractions. These services become additional facilities to complement the property of an existing travel agent company.

Uber chose Croatia for the latest service where it became one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. This luxury transport service is not the first in the world, Grab has launched a helicopter shuttle service called GrabHeli in Indonesia.


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