Volkswagen I.D. will sell for about $28,000

Tinuku ~ High Volkswagen officials claim I.D. car cheaper than Tesla Model 3 and will be accompanied by superfast charging stations network. The automotive giant headquartered in Wolfsburg seems to have been seriously competing in the future technology. Last week Volkswagen's chief strategist, Thomas Sedran, said Volkswagen I.D. would sell for about US$28,000 or cheaper US$7,000 to US$8,000 compared to Model 3.

Tinuku Volkswagen I.D. will sell for about $28,000

The company has created brand new product into electric vehicle market called Volkswagen I.D. and is expected to offered first in Germany in 2019. The design of 5-door hatchback the size of Volkswagen Golf and claimed to have 250 to 370 miles in single charge will sell for about US$28,000 or thousands of cheaper than Tesla Model 3.

Last year VW said it would beat Model 3 and Model X. In a presentation, they show the vehicles and compare with each other, even though the cars has not been released yet. Volkswagen's CEO, Herbert Diess, said whatever Tesla did, VW could surpass and I.D. must beat Model 3. Volkswagen I.D. will sell for about $28,000

"We believe in this new world will be the market leader, Tesla is a serious competitor. Tesla comes from a high-priced segment, but they want to get down, it's our ambition with new architecture to stop them there, to control it," Diess said.

Sedran also said the superfast charging network in Europe developed by Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and Ford went according to plan. The first superfast charger is scheduled for installation next year. But Porsche has already installed superfast 350 kW charging stations in Berlin that can be used by Tesla users with adapters.