VW and Kuka develops robotics of electric and autonomous cars

Tinuku ~ Volkswagen and Kuka collaborate to build robotics technology for electric and autonomous cars. The automaker headquartered in Wolfsburg and the robot maker headquartered in Augsburg is expanding its partnership to develop robotics technology as a way to help develop electric, autonomous vehicles and explore a variety of other ways for the future.

Tinuku VW and Kuka develops robotics of electric and autonomous cars

Europe's largest carmaker last year said in a statement they have set up multi-billion euro money to revolutionize themselves by building electric cars and new mobility services due to a diesel car emissions scandal.

Meanwhile, Kuka acquired by Chinese home appliance manufacturer headquartered in Beijiao, Midea Group, is working on a system to connect electric cars at affordable prices with the help of robots.

"The driver only positioned the electric-powered car in the designated parking lot, the robot handled the charging cables for the driver," Volkswagen said.

Volkswagen said the two companies are also exploring plans to develop other concepts. A few days ago Volkswagen also collaborated with South Korean internet company, Kakao, to build intelligent connected cars.

Volkswagen is making a massive effort to rehabilitate the brand due to scandalous fraud of diesel-engined car emissions. They vowed to become the largest plug-in and electric car manufacturer in the future. They set a target to sell one million electric cars each year by 2025.

"People do not want engine noise, they want clean and clean air, I think the time is ready for the development of electric cars," Jürgen Stackmann, head of global sales and marketing for Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said in a statement.

The company will begin shipping the first electric car by 2020 to China or the same time period Tesla Inc. plans to ship one million vehicles annually. However, VW thinks it can stop Tesla dominance.