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Volkswagen launch car-to-car and car-to-X tech by 2019

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Tinuku ~ Volkwagen announces car-to-car and car-to-X communication system to launch in 2019. The pWLAN technology system allows cars to communicate with each other or with infrastructure so it has the potential to prevent accidents and save lives. Volkswagen says this technology will be the standard equipment in every smart car.

Tinuku Volkswagen launch car-to-car and car-to-X tech by 2019

Volkwagen preparing smart car system that will automatically provide information to other cars regarding the presence of positions or congestion away in front. The system speaks of the situation or cars position and infrastructure up to radius of 500 meters.

Hazard information or congestion on streets will appear on the dashboard, so the vehicles know early on. The technology is expected to grow in future as more and more vehicles and infrastructure are adopted as smart cars.

Volkwagen is not the only one develops communication between cars. A few weeks ago Bosch and TomTom collaborated to develop communication system between riders to share information about long-distance danger situations so they anticipate early on.

But Volkwagen builds the car-to-car and car-to-X connectivity or the surrounding infrastructure-car as an important step toward connected vehicles to reduce traffic accidents or minimize the consequences.

They will apply the first version of pWLAN as a standard system starting in 2019. The technology used by Volkswagen is based on the IEEE 802.11p standard where the automotive industry has been standardized and tested for direct-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communications in international market.

"We want to improve road safety using networked vehicles and the most efficient way Technology is used consistently and by as many producers and partners as possible," said Johannes Neft, Head of Vehicle Body Development for the Volkswagen brand.

This technology identifies potential traffic hazards to be displayed on-board within few milliseconds and deployed to the environment so other car users react appropriately. Volkswagen says it has collaborated with authorities, transportation ministries, other automotive and transport industry partners.


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