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iGrow presents virtual farm with real harvest

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Tinuku ~ build virtual farm with real harvest. Many farmers lacking capital and abundant unemployed land in Indonesia encouraged Andreas Senjaya and his colleagues to establish iGrow Resources Indonesia as an online platform to connect various parties in agricultural supply chain. Startup stands at the end of 2014 develops agricultural industry technology from hatcheries to cultivation of crops.

Tinuku iGrow presents virtual farm with real harvest

"We connect between agricultural investors, farmers, landowners and agricultural buyers using cloud-based agricultural management software," Senjaya said.

iGrow is growing fast by collaborating with real entrepreneurs and information technology experts. Senjaya said iGrow is moving from a community of interacting in a business model to connects investors, landowners, seed providers and farmers.

"With no paid marketing effort at all, we currently manage more than 800 hectares of agriculture," Senjaya said.

People who only want to invest will buy seed crop packages and landless farmers become managers, while landowners will be able to lease their land. iGrow coordinates farmer groups and reports periodic crop developments to investors.

Senjaya said the business model is very convenient for urban people who want to invest in the real agriculture sector and without having to interfere with activities in their big cities. They also do not need to buy land and keep the plants everyday.

People invest money in various investment packages such as peanut, longan, kurma, durian, banana, guava honey, fragrant root and avocado. The contract period depends on planting period until harvest. For example, planting period for peanuts about 6 months or for durian up to 18 years.

"Currently iGrow has more than 1,300 planting sponsorships, 1,200 farmers, 800 hectares of land and over 300 tons of peanut crops," said Senjaya.

"At the right time we will do fundraising. There are currently some venture capitalists interested in iGrow and intensive communicating with us, "Senjaya said.


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