AI startup Appier raised Series C $33 million

Appier raised Series C funding of US$33 million from investors including SoftBank Group, Line Corp and Naver Corp. An AI startup is headquartered in Taiwan to serve the company making use of the artificial intelligence it announced has garnered the latest funding. Other investors who participated were EDBI (Singapore) and the financial services company AMTD Group (Hong Kong).

Tinuku AI startup Appier raised Series C $33 million

Appier has so far collected a total of US$82 million, including from Sequoia Capital and Pavilion Capital. Appier's founder and CEO, Chih-Han Yu, said Series C will be used to develop engineering teams, research and build business outside Taiwan, including Singapore and continue to expand in Asia before considering other areas.

"We focus on Internet companies in Asia," Yu said.

Appier was founded in 2012 has two main products is CrossX Programmatic Platform that allows companies to apply artificial intelligence into their digital marketing campaign, while Axion is a data intelligence platform that helps companies understand and predict customer behavior.

"Marketing is a starting point for us to first engage with the company and also find many great partners to work together," Yu said.

"Over the years we've seen the needs of many companies who want to use AI to solve many problems, analyze and have insight into users and better understand user behavior forecasts," Yu said.

A cosmetic company uses Appier software to synchronize data from various departments including retail sales and its applications. CrossX helps the marketing team know how to increase customer engagement.

The Axion platform will give the company a more detailed insight into customer groups, including the possibility of being a repeat customer and when they might want to buy more products.