India: We choose importing electric cars, not importing oil

The Indian government continues to assert electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Principal Advisor, Ministry of Power & New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, Ashok Jhunjhunwala, said the capital cost to make electric vehicles is equivalent to fossil-engined vehicles in five years and India will import electric vehicles if it is not possible to develop ecosystems.

Tinuku India We choose importing electric cars, not importing oil

"Electric vehicles will be the future of transportation in the country and they have much higher energy efficiency compared to gasoline and diesel vehicles," Professor Jhunjhunwala said.

Jhunjhunwala also said the price of batteries is going down and electric vehicles will be the most sought after in the next 5-6 years and warned if unable to meet, India will eventually import electric vehicles instead of oil.

India is the third largest oil importer in the world under the United States and China. Daily imports roughly as many combined as Italy, Spain and UK. Trillions of dollars in oil imports, fuel crises, the worst air pollution in the world, and no economic benefits from oil continue to encourage the country to develop clean electric power.

China, Germany and other major industrial countries have focused on electric vehicles. The Indian government also said one of the key challenges to driving the development of an electric vehicle ecosystem is the issue of subsidies.

"Worldwide, electric vehicles are possible with 30-40% federal subsidies, but India can not afford such subsidies and should look at alternative paths for the development of electric vehicles," Jhunjhunwala said.

"When we first told businesses that it was impossible in India to get similar subsidies, they were sceptical. The focus was on increasing the efficiency of the vehicles by using better quality motors and tyres, better aerodynamics and reducing the weight," said Jhunjhunwala.