Australia builds special superhighway for electric vehicles

Australia builds special toll roads for electric vehicles. Australia is taking a definite step toward future mobility by building a special superhighway for electric vehicles along the coast of Queensland. Australian state minister Steven Miles said the road construction would be 1,118 miles (1,800 km) from Coolangatta in the south to Cairns in the north and equipped with no-charge charging stations by Tritium and Schneider Electric.

Tinuku Australia builds special superhighway for electric vehicles

The latest step to reduce carbon emissions by increasing the use of electric vehicles where Australia prepares facilities along the coast beside the Great Barrier Reef where more than two million people visit the coral reefs each year and generate more than US $ 1.53 billion yearly.

"This is an ambitious project, but we want the presence of as much support as possible for electric vehicles and even have their products. This is part of the transition to a low-emission future," Miles said.

The initial phase of the project builds a superhighway in 18 cities and will operate within the next six months. The initial government support for the project came into being when the Australian Chief Executive of Electric Vehicle Council, Behyad Jafari, mentioned the Queensland area as serious with electric vehicles.

"This step provides certainty to open investments and grow our economy, create new jobs that are skilled," said Jafari.

The use of electric vehicles in Australia is still less when compared with China, Europe and the United States. However, Australian Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said the number of electric vehicle users will continue to grow to around 12,000 units by 2020 and around 1 million units by 2030.

Other countries including Britain and France ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles starting in 2040. The mayors of Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens say they plan to ban diesel vehicles in the city center by 2025.