BMW: We do not lose out of Tesla's electric car

BMW claims no less competitive than Tesla. BMW Group Indonesia's head of communication, Jodie O'tania, said BMW's electric cars are not inferior to Tesla, although they only focus on electric vehicles. The auto giant based in Munich said the fact that BMW has led the electro mobility industry.

Tinuku BMW We do not lose out of Tesla's electric car

O'tania says another thing as a benchmark for success is the amount of sales. BMW has sold 100,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids worldwide or more than 60,000 units sold over the sales target in 2016.

"We are aligned with Tesla in the electric vehicle market and BMW also has the most extensive network of charging stations. Currently BMW ChargeNow has more than 65,000 stations in 29 countries," said O'tania.

The i8 plug-in hybrid sport sedan is believed to be the most successful in the world during 2015 and 2016 which wins in global sales compared to all other hybrid sportcar manufacturers. Meanwhile, Tesla during the first quarter of 2017 sold 25,000 units with details of 13,450 units of Model S and 11,550 units of Model X SUVs.

Currently BMW has no plans to sell electric cars in Indonesia, although the i3 has been introduced in an exhibition, while Tesla under the auspices of the general importer Prestige Image has officially sold the Model X.