Baidu offers face recognition boarding at Beijing airport

Baidu offers facial recognition technology for boarding efficiency at Beijing airport. Internet search operators who continue to be leaders in artificial intelligence will provide face recognition technology to accelerate and efficiently verify passengers at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Tinuku Baidu offers face recognition boarding at Beijing airport

Baidu will provide artificial intelligence technology for staff facial recognition and gradually expand the ability to verify passenger identity. The company said in 2018 passengers only showed their faces at the airport using a "face as boarding pass" platform.

The company first installed face recognition technology last year to verify identity at a popular tourist destination in Wuzhen, a water city in Zhejiang province. Visitors to enter the area using their faces, so not tickets.

The project at Beijing airport is not the first for Baidu technology. Similar applications have been conducted at Nanyang Jiangying Airport where passengers verify their identity through face scan to match documented images before boarding their flights.

Beijing's second largest in the world has handled 94.39 million annual passengers. Baidu claims the facial recognition technology they developed has an accuracy of 99.77 percent and is able to recognize faces better than the human eye.

Airports around the world are developing face recognition to speed up the security process and try to shorten other tasks as air travel increases. Delta Airlines has launched in June at Minneapolis-St Paul and British Airways in March at Heathrow.