Why do Indonesians love Bitcoin?

Indonesia is a country with Bitcoin users growing steadily. Bitcoin Indonesia CEO Oscar Darmawan said early September 2016 the number of users of digital currency recorded as many as 200,000 users. A report published by Luno.com found 80 percent of Bitcoin users in Indonesia are unbankable and potential for future use in the country is still huge.

Tinuku Why do Indonesians love Bitcoin

Various reasons to get people to buy Bitcoin. Luno on Thursday reported the findings of 20.4 percent of respondents view Bitcoin as a better means of payment than credit cards. Bitcoin is considered safe and user privacy is assured.

Transactions using Bitcoin are considered faster, cheaper and decentralized. Users consider Bitcoin a high-value asset and take advantage of investment, although few users use Bitcoin for daily trading.

Indonesians claim 47.9 percent believe Bitcoin, while those who do not believe in Bitcoin is only 21.39 percent and hesitant as much as 30.8 percent. When compared with gold, 46.6 percent of respondents prefer Bitcoin. In fact, 47 percent of Luno's respondents consider Bitcoin to be the digital money of the future.

Active users of daily Bitcoin in Indonesia amounted to 52.9 percent, although this currency has not received official recognition and permission by the Indonesian government and other countries. If Bitcoin gets permission it is estimated that 88.8 percent of respondents will buy more Bitcoin.