Blockchain wallet adds ethereum currency

Bitcoin wallet startup,, adds the ethereum currency as the price of the ether token rises nearly 4,000 percent this year. Blockchain as one of the most popular and user-controlled bitcoin wallets on Thursday added ethereum as the second cryptocurrency that allows access in 140 countries and integrates crypto-to-crypto exchange with ShapeShift.

Tinuku Blockchain wallet adds ethereum currency

"The reason we decided to add Ethereum is that we really feel like ethereum as community, ecosystems and technology have really matured," said CEO Peter Smith.

Another popular cryptocurrency wallet is that Coinbase has offered an ether more than a year ago that seems to have placed Blockcahin as conservative. Smith said Coinbase customers are more concentrated in North America and Europe, while 80% are Blockchain users outside the United States.

"The majority of our customers do not know what an ether is, they've never heard of it. We have a serious responsibility when offering something, we offer something of high quality," Smith said. becomes the most popular and controlled user wallet in which users hold their own private key, while a hosted wallet service such as Coinbase holds the user's private key.

"Our tagline is 'Be your own bank.' Our philosophy is not to run a crypto bank, but to provide software packages as their own bank," Smith said.

Startups established since 2011 also announced a new partnership with ShapeShift to serve a cryptourrency exchange that allows both users to transfer funds between bitcoin and ethereum without first sending funds to a centralized service.

Blockchain recently raised a US$40 million Series B funding by a group of investors including billionaire Richard Branson. Another wallet that has adopted the ether is Bitstamp and Falcon Private Bank is a private bank based in Switzerland.