Chanje V8070 all-electric van set mass production

Chanje Energy Inc. announced the first vehicle of commercial all-electric van called the V8070. The California-based startup is powered by US$1 billion by Hong Kong-based FDG Electric Vehicles revealing new vehicles for mass production by the end of this year. Vehicle logistics zero emissions, zero noise and 100 mile mileage for single battery charge.

Tinuku Chanje V8070 all-electric van set mass production

"We have the opportunity to significantly overhaul the industry and completely revolutionize how this aspect of transportation impacts the environment," said Chanje CEO Bryan Hansel.

"Electric trucks offer the greatest potential emissions savings from all vehicles, our products best suited to their needs in a dense city center and air quality is a major concern," Hansel said.

The V8070 is a mid-panel van that will cover 65 miles with a full 6000 lb charge and reach up to 100 miles with a 3,000 lb charge. This specification proudly allows operators to save an average of 70% on fuel costs. They will also utilize the power platform for other services.

The company plans to mass produce by the end of this year using a 3.8 million square foot manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China, but they are also planning to build an assembly plant in the United States near the port around Mississippi.

The average route of urban logistics delivery in the United States is 70 miles per day is the perfect market for electric mobility. Chanje will introduce various electric models including larger shuttle and truck buses with different sizes and capacities for the urban vehicle segment.

"In the coming weeks, Chanje will announce major U.S. main services, parts and distribution that will provide unparalleled footing in the domestic market," the company said.

The dual hub electric motor at the rear and battery packs are mounted on the platform floor. Chanje's customers will have the option to get a turnkey microgrid system powered by renewable energy and storage, including a new battery charging system.