Dahir Insaat designed gyroscope-based bus

Dahir Insaat designed a gyroscope-based public transportation system in the visionary city. An idea to replace buses, trams and trolleys in the cities of the future where disc-shaped gyroscopic buses clustered on the streets with wheels, overlapping and fused to form multiple layers in a highway traffic system.

Tinuku Dahir Insaat designed gyroscope-based bus

Dahir Insaat says gyroscope-based public transport will have great potential to provide efficient, economical, safe, environmentally friendly, convenient and maneuverable transport vehicles that do not rely on general traffic on arterial roads.

Designers ensure the claim the system will function and ready to build future cities according to human habitat by utilizing space above the city. Gyroscopic buses run along parks, fields, and pedestrian pathways safely ecologically and physically.

Vehicles use energy from solar panels mounted on the roof. Passengers sit in rows of seats such as in trains or buses, but other versions inside the luxurious pods that include sofa, TV and executive comfort features.