1,069 Dobi robot dances broke the world record

WL Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. in China broke the Guinness World Records as Most robots dancing simultaneously. The latest effort is being carried out in Guangzhou, Guangdong, where a machine drives 1,069 'Dobi' robots that march and performs the perfect choreographed dance routine.

Tinuku 1,069 Dobi robot dances broke the world record

Some robots fall during dynamic performances and this should minimize the final note count. Robots dubbed 'Dobi' are all programmed through a group control system. WL Tech organizes a challenge to demonstrate their latest robotic technology that has the ability to dance.

The engineers program and organize over 1,000 robots to dance together, racing with passion and precision to showcase some of the skilled choreography routines. The party takes place Aug. 17 ahead of Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center.

Dobi can also talk, do Tai Chi and many other human-like actions. The previous record was recorded by Ever Win Company & Ltd. also from China with a total of 1,007 robots. Both proved that they are not just a toy maker, but also capable of demonstrating technology.