Domino's and Ford test autonomous car pizza delivery

Domino's Pizza Inc and Ford Motor Company will test an autonomous pizza delivery car. Customers in the state of Michigan, USA, who use this service will receive a code to open a stove containing warm pizza at the rear of the vehicle. The collaboration of both companies is part of an effort to better understand how customers respond and interact with autonomous vehicles.

Tinuku Domino's and Ford test autonomous car pizza delivery

A randomly selected Domino customer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, will have the option of receiving pizza delivery using the autonomously arranged Ford Fusion Hybrid. Each car will include an engineer and other researchers.

"We are trying to start doing research, we are still working on the technology, because it is not ready to be parked on public roads. It simulates the vehicle is in an autonomous mode," said Sherif Marakby, vice president of Ford Autonomous Vehicles and Electrification.

Domino customers will receive their last four digit unique code to unlock the "Heatwave Compartment" is a container that keeps the pizza warm behind the car. Information is communicated through the screen and speakers on the outside of the car.

"We are interested in learning what people think about this type of delivery. Most of our questions are about the last 50 feet of delivery experience," said Russell Weiner, president of Domino's USA.

The research focus includes how people are willing to come outside to take their order, how they approach the car, and how they interact with the screen outside the vehicle to get food. Domino says the partnership is an effort to build better services.

"We will benefit from this partnership when launched in 2021," Marakby said.