UI team developed fast-soluble drug based on Gracilaria verrucosa

The University of Indonesia (UI) develops fast-soluble medicinal materials using seaweed. Three pharmacy faculty students at the University of Indonesia have developed a fast disintegration tablet (FDT) using Gracilaria verrucosa that rapidly breaks in the patient's oral cavity within 30 seconds without having to swallow and without needing water.

Tinuku UI team developed fast-soluble drug based on Gracilaria verrucosa

FDT is especially needed for patients who have difficulty swallowing such as geriatric patients, pediatric patients, difficulty finding water, frequent vomiting patients and patients with mental disorders. The study was conducted by three students are Kevin Dio Naldo, Revi Pribadi and Rezwendy under the guidance of Silvia Surini.

"Superdisintegran material will break easily and dissolve in the body for less than 30 seconds by empowering a red microagla named Gracilaria verrucosa," Naldo said on Tuesday.

G. verrucosa is very abundant in Indonesia but has not been widely used in the pharmaceutical field. This species is part of algae class of red algae seaweed (Rhodophyceae) members and has a production amount of thousands of tons per year.

They live in habitats spread across the coastal areas of Indonesia such as Terora in Bali, Pacitan in East Java and Sekotong. Other habitats on Lombok Island, Sumbawa, West Java, Yogyakarta, East Nusa Tenggara, Sibatua, South Sulawesi and Flores.

The formula for making superdisintegran tablets made from G. verrucosa meets the criteria of which is no need for water to break, has a good taste, is not brittle, leaves no residue in the mouth and is not affected by temperature or pressure.

The results of this study are expected to enrich drug raw materials, reduce drug production costs and encourage increased production of superdisintegran. The findings also provide information to coastal farmers about the benefits of G. verrucosa cultivation and provide economic value to them.