GreenPower EV550 double-decker electric bus

GreenPower Motor Company Inc. broke away the gross and black emissions of diesel engines in the city with a full suite of electric buses. Eco-friendly automotive company headquartered in Vancouver is determined to clean the air by converting school buses, transit buses, tour company buses, and airport shuttle buses and hospitals with electric vehicles.

Tinuku GreenPower EV550 double-decker electric bus GreenPower EV550 double-decker electric bus

GreenPower Double decker EV550 fully electric bus has a range of up to 240 Miles (385 km) with a single charge. The company says the bus is a great solution for densely populated urban cities where transit operators move more people around with a double advantage of smaller space.

Citizens of cities in the world breathe toxic air every day and they do not know who to sue for the impact of various pollution-related diseases from vehicle engines. GreenPower Motor Company, established in 2007, hit the mass transportation market by presenting a double decker bus and school bus fleet.

The company developed an electric vehicle from the ground up where the main driving force can be exchanged in just 45 minutes and saves maintenance money. The EV550 version is a double decker bus 45ft long, 8.5ft wide and 14ft high to transport 100 passengers and the upper deck allows better viewing of the surroundings.

The bus has a capacity of 99 seats including 65 on the top floor plus a standing room where each seat is equipped with a USB charging port. Buses are fully accessible with low-floor design, kneeling capability, wheelchair lifts and configurations with two spots for wheelchairs or mobility aids. GreenPower EV550 double-decker electric bus

Tinuku GreenPower EV550 double-decker electric bus

Length: 45 ft
Width: 8.5 ft
Height: 14.3 ft
Seats: 100 + Standees
Doors: 2
Battery Size: 478 kWh
Range: 240 Miles (385 km)
Drive Motor: Siemens
Baterry System: PG Porous
BMS: Polymer Graphene
Axles: Eatong or ZF
Suspension: Neway/Knorr
ECAS: Parker or Wabco
Brakes: Knorr or Parker
Driver Panel: Actia or Parker
Air Conditioning: Thermo King
Life Cycle: 12 Years