HAHO, a showbiz talents marketplace

Haho.co.id manages the services for the entertainment arts workers. The rapid growth of creative industries in Indonesia has spawned a variety of platforms based on digital technology to accommodate talents in various fields. A startup founded by Anthonius Andy Permana in 2014 as a digital marketplace to bring talents and showbiz world sees great business opportunity.

Tinuku HAHO, a showbiz talents marketplace

"This platform is a new way for entertainers who want to introduce their works through multi-network. Haho.co.id is a place to connect talent, crew, creative business with projects, casting and job vacany," said Permana.

"Haho is a social network, here we have a business link and aim to promote the talent of creative actors. When someone clicks on a talent photo, it will automatically jump to the Haho app, including the profile project," Permana said.

Startup claims to be the first marketplace for professional workers in the entertainment field in Indonesia. The platform holds a variety of creative performers such as musicians, artists, photographers, dancers, makeup artists, magicians, film workers to YouTuber and much more.

"You think a lot of hidden creative works, they do not yet know how to promote and market their products to the world. Here we are," said Permana.

Permana said so far more than 226 expertise on the platform and has worked with 28 production house companies, event organizers, music labels, television, radio, film producer, tv producer and broadcasting. A solution to meet the talent, crew, casting job and promotion of movies or events in an application.

Tinuku.com HAHO, a showbiz talents marketplace

"Here we are collaborating. The talents are looking for jobs and creative businesses seeking talent. All will choose and be selected in Haho what they need each," said Permana.

This man born October 11, 1982 says Haho as a liaison between the market and professional workers from upstream to downstream. If a company has a job, talents who have joined the application can apply. Organizer will directly select through the application and cut the cost of casting production.

"Entertainment companies will be easy to find talent according to their needs. Likewise talents will find work according to their specialization. So this is a place of mutual benefit," said Permana.