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Hyundai launches the Next-Generation FCEV

Hyundai Motor Company on Thursday launched a Next-Generation fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEC) that will hit the market early next year as part of a strategic roadmap extending environmentally friendly vehicles to 31 models by 2020. The auto maker's giant says it will lead the global market and Build a mass production system for green vehicles.

Tinuku Hyundai launches the Next-Generation FCEV

"The next-generation FCEV is a symbol of Hyundai Motor's heritage and leadership. The new model underscores Hyundai's global leadership in FCEVs as the start of a hydrogen-based society," said Hyundai Motor Vice President Lee Kwang-kook in Seoul.

The latest technology FCEV offers four upgrade features are efficiency, performance, long life and energy storage systems, while the previous version of Tuscon ix is the world's first mass-produced FCEV launched by Hyundai Motor in 2013.

The Seoul-based company said the Next-Generation FCEV is 60 percent more economical than Tuscon and 40 percent compared to the Ioniq EV being the most efficient vehicle by the US Environmental Protection Agency last year.

Hyundai continues to work to produce the FCEV to drive more than 580 kilometers with full payload. The enhanced battery will soon be launched for a lifetime of 10 years or 160,000 kilometers or the equivalent of a traditional-engined vehicle. The FCEV model generates a maximum of 163 horsepower, even at minus 30 degrees Celsius.

The company is determined to roll out 31 models of green cars by 2020 consisting of 10 EVS hybrids, 11 plug-in EVs, eight EVs and two FCEVs. Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors have sold 143,681 eco-cars in the first quarter of this year or 10 percent more than throughout 2016.


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