Indonesia invites investors build battery charging stations

Electricity company owned by the Indonesian government, Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), continues to encourage the use of electric vehicles. The company will build battery charging stations to anyone who wants to operate it. Entrepreneurs only provide space, while development costs will be borne by PLN as a follow up from the country to ban gasoline-engine vehicles by 2040.

Tinuku Indonesia invites investors build battery charging stations

PLN continues to increase the number of electric battery charging stations in support of the government's plan to develop electric vehicles and related industries. The state company encourages the private sector and the public to install stations with free equipment and construction costs.

Free construction and equipment

"People can provide parking space for vehicles to charge, PLN will provide equipment and development. People simply buy tokens and no installation fee," said Deputy Manager of Revenue Assurance PLN Jakarta Raya Distribution Hafazah, Thursday.

PLN's determination is dilatarberlakangi many considerations, such as global warming and impact on the environment. President Joko Widodo in COP 21 in Paris has committed that Indonesia will reduce emissions by 29% under business as usual in 2030 and 41% with international assistance.

Great support from the government of course the development of the use of electric cars will continue to increase and the availability of the station becomes very important. People can ask PLN to install stations in locations that the community wants to fulfill the needs of electric vehicle energy.

Hafazah said PLN is not only offering it to the private sector, but also to the public and electric vehicle enthusiasts who may purchase electric vehicles from abroad. PLN will welcome everyone who owns the land and wants to install the station.

Each station has a power of 5,500 VA, installation of approximately Rp7 million (US$525) and can be used to fill two motorcycles simultaneously. PLN said free installation fee is PLN's business investment in the future as the trend of electric vehicles continues to grow.

US$0.38 for a single charge

PLN has built stations in several major cities in Indonesia. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly mobility and cost much less than gasoline-powered vehicles. Hafazah said the electricity price at the charging stations for electric motorcycles is Rp1,644.52 (US$0.12) per kWh. Indonesia invites investors build battery charging stations

"To fully charge an electric motorbike about 500 watts or 3 kWh, it costs around Rp5,000 (US$0.38) for a single charge for mileage over 80 km, which is very cheap," Hafazah said.

The price of premium gasoline in Indonesia today is Rp5,150 (US$0.39) per liter and full filling of fossil-fueled motorcycles at a distance of up to 80 km requires 3-4 liters or Rp 20,000 (US$1.5).

Member of PLN Electric Car Team. Leo Basuki, the company has also done a mature calculation to ensure reliability, voltage quality, transformer capacity and network. A number of research related to electric supply for electric car refueling has also been done.

"Charging station will be more appropriate when placed in the parking lot, shelter and rest area, because there electric vehicles parked in a long time, they are at once charge the battery. Currently setting 2 x 5,500 VA and can be extend to follow the future needs," said Basuki.


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