Indonesia endorsed e-commerce roadmap

Indonesia launches an e-commerce roadmap as a strategic guide for the implementation of online trading system. President Joko Widodo issued a regulation that is considered important to grow e-commerce as outlined in Presidential Decree No.74/2017 on "Road Map of Electronic-Based National Trading System of 2017-2019" was signed on 3 August 2017.

Tinuku Indonesia endorsed e-commerce roadmap

The regulation includes 26 programs attached to the roadmap covering financing, human resources, logistics infrastructure, information technology infrastructure, cybersecurity, consumer protection and tax simplification to drive Indonesia's digital economic target of at least US$130 billion by 2020.

Funding related programs include adjustment of public credit schemes, optimization of credit channeling institutions, preparation of incubation grant schemes, and 'foster father' schemes. The regulation also includes funding programs for the form of angel or seed capital and crowdfunding.

Tax-related programs include simplification of tax obligations, preparation of registration procedures for e-commerce, and equality of tax treatment. Consumer protection includes regulation of trade transactions through electronic systems and the development of the National Payment Gateway. Indonesia endorsed e-commerce roadmap

"This is a comprehensive, transparent and clear roadmap to thank all participating ministers, e-players and idEA who play an active role in preparing this regulation," said Indonesian Communications and Informatics Minister Rudiantara on Thursday.

The government is also preparing a communications infrastructure program with the goal of increasing the speed of Internet access, network area, and security protection. Meanwhile, logisitik program includes increasing the logistics of electronic-based trading through the blueprint of the National Logistics System.

E-commerce entrepreneurs ask the government to immediately embrace all stakeholders to develop a practical implementation of the e-commerce roadmap. Chairman of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA), Aulia Marinto, welcomed the positive issuance of the regulation.

"We are enthusiastic, we have been waiting for a long time, the government is responding to our input and we have asked for it to be accelerated, it is written in that framework or a large frame. Of course we are into the implementation stage," Marinto said.