Infiniti Prototype 9 retro-electric 1940s style

Nissan's Infiniti revealed prototype retro-roadster car sleek and open and combines d'elegance. The car dubbed 'Prototype 9' is the ingenuity and artistry of a Hong Kong inspired automaker inspired by the 1940s. Prototype to show how wide the creativity of the designers in building electric cars as the mobility and pride of the future.

Tinuku Infiniti Prototype 9 retro-electric 1940s style Infiniti Prototype 9 retro-electric 1940s style

Retro-electric can be generated from the legendary in the past into the 21st century. Nissan's luxury badge has launched Prototype 9 as an EV racing car design in the 1940s. The large lined wheels and front grille pay homage and are built using traditional techniques.

The 140HP equivalent engine is powerful enough to carry the vehicle running 62mph in 5.5 seconds with a top speed of 105.6mph to defeat the standard Tesla Model 3, despite having a vintage chassis and a manual craft body.

Prototype 9 is a symbol of Infiniti's collaboration spirit for beauty design. The designers build from sketches to advanced batteries from Nissan as a contrast of the past and future in a masterpiece. The carved naked metal sheets are the result of long hours of careful construction.

Contemporary car design is characterized by strict production methods for the creation of clear lines and smooth body surfaces. Prototype 9 is far from modern production lines and these off-the-job projects require traditional handicraft and technical methods. Infiniti Prototype 9 retro-electric 1940s style

Tinuku Infiniti Prototype 9 retro-electric 1940s style

The elegant bodywork of vehicles is made of steel body panels wrapped around steel frames. The panel incorporates design elements such as double-curved grating, shark gills behind the front wheels, single fold hoods, and sharp lines extending from front to back.

The car is inspired by a retro aerobic design and is defined by a smooth aerodynamic surface, long hood and short overhangs, open cockpit, and 19-inch centrifugal wheel layout in every corner wrapped in competition tires.