LINE will compete Uber and Grab in Thailand

LINE will compete Grab and Uber in Thailand to get footwork in Southeast Asia. Japan's most popular instant messaging app goes to the online transportation market in Thailand that has been dominated by Grab and Uber. Company owned by Naver Corp. It will offer licensed taxi booking services to their users in Bangkok and will catch up in other cities in Southeast Asia.

Tinuku LINE will compete Uber and Grab in Thailand

Uber has just gotten another potential competitor in Southeast Asia, while Grab has just raised US$2 billion in fresh funds. An unexpected source said the LINE instant messaging application announced plans to hit the online transport market in Thailand.

LINE announced they will offer licensed taxi booking services to their users in Bangkok. The messaging service operator, established in March 2016, plans to launch an online taxi platform before the end of the year.

LINE in Japan has offered taxi services for two years, but they say service in Bangkok is part of a platform expansion called 'Line Man' which includes food delivery, postal services and other services. This messaging app has been popular in Thailand and one of the four largest countries of LINE users.

The company said the car booking business in Thailand is the first door to enter the whole Southeast Asian market. While Uber is under pressure to catch up with Grab in Southeast Asia and Go-Jek in Indonesia. The arrival of LINE is bad news for them.

Thailand's LINE said their new services would be legal by abiding the Thai Department of Transportation and other legal rules in which Uber and Grab's legal status in Thailand is unclear. LINE services will collaborate with licensed taxis and has invited Bangkok Taxi Co-Operative Network which controls 60 percent of Bangkok's taxis with 100,000 drivers.