BMW showcased Mini electric design

BMW AG showcased the all-electric Mini design. In July, the Munich-based automotive giant confirmed a three-door Mini electric version will begin production at the Cowley plant in Oxford in 2019 where it has conducted extensive field tests since 2008. BMW says the new Mini Electric uses powerful motors and will unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

Tinuku BMW showcased Mini electric design

The Mini E concept maintains an ancestral appearance including a circular headlamp and carries many design cues that indicate the electrical lineage. Silver and yellow color schemes also form the foundation on the BMW i3.

Mini E badge in radiator grille and exterior mirror lid. Front grille is closed because the cooling air flow is not required. The additional "E" logo on the front wheel gives further cue to the electrical capability.

The four-seater car uses a front glass fiber body to help reduce drag and improve aerodynamics. Electric drivetrain of the BMW i3 variant which means both vehicles have equivalent performance in terms of load capacity, range and pick-up.