Softbank's Monk robot launched to serve funeral

Japan launches Pepper is a humanoid robot that acts as a funeral Buddhist, Nissei Eco Co. showcased at the annual Life Ending Industry Expo in Tokyo. The Pepper robot built by Softbank Robotic in 2014 has earned a religious version programmed to lead a funeral as an inexpensive alternative to hiring a monk.

Tinuku Softbank's Monk robot launched to serve funeral

Robots in Japan and South Korea have the function of being friends, helpers for parents, entertainment bots and even sexual partners, but now humanoid robots have put themselves up for hire as Buddhist monks for funerals.

Interactive robots are programmed to recite Buddhist prayers and beat gongs in honor of the dead and can even be rented to serve as needed at the price of US$450 per service. Softbank Robotic said Pepper was built to work as a host, promotional tool and others. Softbank's Monk robot launched to serve funeral

Pepper's new script will let them recite a mantra in a computerized voice. As the declining and aging Japanese population dwindled, many monks chose to work. Nissei suggested that Pepper be used when a human monks is not available.