Oscar Darmawan founder of Bitcoin Indonesia

Oscar Darmawan is the person who has contributed to popularize Bitcoin in Indonesia. This virtual currency had horrendous monetary authority and is now increasingly used and meritorious in increasing the income of small entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Darmawan founded bitcoin.co.id initially by the skepticism of the cryptocurrency.

Tinuku Oscar Darmawan founder of Bitcoin Indonesia

"I started this business with skepticism, disbelief and hesitation. A business runs without an intermediary or without a bank. In addition, commission fee is free for every transaction," said Darmawan.

Bitcoin is exchanged in all currencies or used to purchase various items from pizza, mobile phones to luxury cars. Darmawan and his partner William Sutanto bought Bitcoin for US $ 8 in July 2012. The value of 1 Bitcoin is US$3 that time. Several months of price fluctuations doubled to 1 Bitcoin for US$100. In July 2017 set a record US$3,108.

"On this basis we are looking for opportunities to open trading business or buying and selling Bitcoin in Indonesia," he said.

Oscar Darmawan founded Bitcoin Indonesia as the first company to serve Bitcoin online sales (BTConline) through bitcoin.co.id site. Now, Bitcoin Indonesia already has 200 thousand members with daily transactions reach US$75,000 in 2016.

"Bitcoin is considered a simple and inexpensive transaction. Payments are not tied to a particular country and without regulation. Micro-entrepreneurs are very fond of such transactions because there is no credit card fee," he said.

No business without risk

If for many people this business is at risk, but for the man born in Semarang, December 5, 1985, the risk is profit. Since childhood Darmawan has been trying independently in terms of finance, fell awake in the business did not get family support. But all that does not drop Darmawan spirit.

Tinuku.com Tinuku Oscar Darmawan founder of Bitcoin Indonesia

"No business without risk. And that's what makes business grow. Since childhood I was already fond of doing business. Any business, which is important can make money, "said Darmawan.

The poor family financial life has forged young Darmawan to earn his own money and meet his daily needs. The second child of five brothers when elementary school to sell toys to his friends. Money is used to buy school supplies.

So also when Darmawan junior class by selling school equipment to get more pocket money. The activity was stopped because Darmawan asked his parents to focus the school in order to continue education abroad. He returned to make his own money while studying in Singapore. However it is Forex trading and e-money.

"I like to try new businesses," Darmawan said.

Office in cybercafe

Graduated Bachelor of Information Technology and System at Monash University in 2006 and returned to Semarang. The young man who was then 20 years old saw a fintech business opportunity. But the business was opposed by the family.

"I want to have my own business, where I can be responsible and make my own decisions. They expect me to work as an employee. Moreover, my income at that time was good," said Darmawan.

"But I believe business is better done at a younger than in old. Failing to do business at a young age allows it to start again, whereas if it fails over the age of 45 it will be difficult and become a lifelong burden," he said.

In early 2007 he started a dream business with a capital of only US$375 where US$75 was spent on advertising, while the rest he rented four computers in a cybercafe to become an office in Semarang to establish a company called PT Bumi Inter Media by recruiting 5 employees.

The company is engaged in web development, internet marketing and hosting providers that in a short time generate profits. The company also has its own office in Semarang and then Jakarta. Today it has a working team of more than 35 people with the markets of Jakarta, Semarang and Singapore.

www.Tinuku.com Tinuku Oscar Darmawan founder of Bitcoin Indonesia

"I believe business can not be managed alone. There must be an appropriate partner, a partner alive," he said.

Darmawan said the first business partner is Wiliam Sutanto is a programmer, internet marketer and finance auditor. They together also founded ads-id.com in the year is a website of internet business forums in Indonesia. Then started the Bitcoin business.

"If I am a skeptical part, Wiliam is the most optimistic team member," Darmawan said.

Bitcoin Indonesia

Bitcoin Indonesia's business starts in 2014 with an initial capital of US$7,500. By 2016 the company already has 120 thousand members with transactions over US$75,000 per day. Most users are Bali, West Java, East Java, Central Java and Jakarta.

Darmawan said small and medium entrepreneurs in Bali are already using Bitcoin. In fact, the Bitcoin Indonesia office in Seminyak is part of the tourist destination that wants to transact using Bitcoin.

Darmawan did not stop there. He continues to open new ventures and partner with his wife, Yenni, setting up an online business hobihouse.com that offers hand made baby products. Darmawan also pioneered the establishment of doktersehat.com site.

"I really like to do business mainly related to technology and provide benefits for many people," he said.