Reddit raised $200 million to overhaul design context

Reddit raised US$200 million in new funding. The bookmark sites set up by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman in 2005 raised new funding by Andreessen Horowitz, Sequioa Capital and Sam Altman. Huffman said the newest funds will be used to overhaul many internal products including page redesign and add video features.

Tinuku Reddit raised $200 million to overhaul design context

The social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion based in San Francisco, Reddit Inc., has received the funding to develop fresh context. Huffman says the latest funding is the biggest in Reddit history will be used for business development and exploring video uploaded by users.

Since the last funding in 2014 with 50 million dollars, Reddit had a hassle in 2015. Users commonly referred to as Redditor have mass protests. Huffman returned to Reddit and became CEO in less than a year and managed to ease the tension. But one thing that has not changed in a decade is the Reddit product.

This social networking site has 300 million monthly active visitors, the user gets the rights to submit content and comments on a link similar to a chatroom. The lack of change also much protested by users who feel Reddit products seemed designed for the internet in 2005.

"Reddit feels old. We do not want to be associated with that word," Huffman said.

The Reddit team plans to overhaul the design by rewriting all the program code that has never changed since the beginning. Early versions of the new designs look like Facebook's News Feed and Timeline on Twitter. Endless stream of content split into 'cards' in a visual display for the door of conversation.

"We want Reddit's visual display more fascinating, so when someone new comes in Reddit, they will quickly know what's there and what for," Huffman said.