Indonesia will unblock Telegram this week

Indonesia will unblock Telegram in this week. Telegram CEO and founder, Pavel Durov, met with Indonesia's Minister of Communications and Informatics, Rudiantara, on Tuesday in Jakarta to discuss Telegram services in Indonesia being blocked by the government. Rusdiantara said Telegram service will be open this week if all government regulations have been followed by the instant messaging application.

Tinuku Indonesia will unblock Telegram this week

Indonesian Communications and Informatics Minister Rudiantara has asked Telegram to set the same Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as other platforms in Indonesia. Durov said he would follow the request and be ready to open a direct communications channel that allows the government to report content to Telegram.

"In Jakarta, meeting with local teams brainstorming ways how to eradicate ISIS propaganda more efficiently," Durov said.

"I think the big problem here is the propaganda on the public channel ISIS is in recruiting new members. We will speed up the reporting process," Durov said.

Currently Telegram web service is still blocked in Indonesia since July 14, 2017 ago due to negative content in it, especially terrorism. Indonesia's State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kemkominfo) said 17 terror attacks in territory used Telegram as a communication channel for jihadists.

The service provider did not respond to request to remove the content that Indonesia requested from March 2016 and last on July 11, 2017. Blocking has so far been at the domain name system (DNS) level and impacted on the web version of Telegram services, but has no effect on mobile application-based services.

The government considers Telegram to have multiple accounts and channels that contain propaganda of radicalism, terrorism, hatred, invitations and how to assemble bombs, how to attack, disturbing images and others that are contrary to Indonesian law.

Indonesia said the move to counter terrorist content was carried out following the latest context related to the country's security threats, especially geopolitical and geostrategic changes in Southeast Asia such as the ISIS attack in Marawi city in the southern Philippines. Indonesia will unblock Telegram this week

Durov and Rudiantara meetings were held closed. Discussions between the two are believed to be unblocking. Telegram and government have been communicating with each other via email and several requests that Telegram must fulfill in order for its services to be reopened.

"Immediately Telegram will reopen, when all the technicalities are done.This is our common interest and Telegram .. The system must protect the people here," said Rudiantara.

Rapid content and terrorism filters will be made in four technical steps is the establishment of Government Channel for faster government and Telegram communication and Indonesia has the authority as Trusted Flagger in Telegram service.