Tesla set up autonomous truck test

Tesla will test the protetypes of electric and autonomous trucks in Nevada and California. CEO Tesla Elon Musk has announced all-electric truck known as Tesla Semi and the next few months the company team is trying to test the protetype for "platooning" an autonomous truck after getting approval to cross the public lane road.

Tinuku Tesla set up autonomous truck test

"To insure we are on the same page, our primary goal is the ability to operate our prototype test trucks in a continuous manner across the state line and within the States of Nevada and California in a platooning and/or Autonomous mode without having a person in the vehicle," kata Nasser Zamani dari Tesla.

Platooning consists of travel in strict formations to reduce barriers and increase the efficiency commonly practiced among firms in developing proprietary technology for trucks. The method is safer to implement than using a human driver.

Tesla has met the Nevada DMV official, but has not submitted a license and they also meet with DMV California. Musk just released a little information about the upcoming vehicle. Tesla Semi will have the highest and long distance heavy logistic capabilities.

The state of Nevada is one of the few countries that actually gives license for autonomous vehicle testing. The first license is given in 2015 when Daimler tests the Freightliner Inspiration Truck. Volvo, Uber's Otto, Alphabet's Waymo, Nvidia's TuSimple and Embark-Peterbilt are some of the players in the autonomous trucking competition.

Musk says the vehicle will soon enter production scale within the next 18 to 24 months. The vehicle will feature some autonomous driving abilities based on the Autopilot Tesla program, but it is unclear at what level.

Last year Musk only said truckers' estimates are still needed for the next few years and Tesla aims to make the truck fun to drive that indicates Tesla Semi may not be fully autonomous. But now Tesla is trying to test "without bringing people into the vehicle".