Wakuliner, startup of Indonesian food marketplace

The culinary diversity of Indonesia and the rapidly growing penetration of mobile usage prompted Wakuliner.com to be optimistic for culinary e-commerce business opportunities. Wakuliner founder and CEO, Anthony Gunawan, claims that there is currently no special marketplace selling Indonesian food rich in tropical ingredients and spices.

Tinuku Wakuliner, startup of Indonesian food marketplace

"Currently, we are the first culinary marketplace in Indonesia Indeed, this marketplace is an adaptation of a number of local and global culinary companies, but ideas and innovations come from ourselves," Gunawan said on Wednesday.

"Building Wakuliner in January 2016 and to date using our personal funds. We have used about US$150,000," Gunawan said.

Startup is no different from other e-commerce by showing the online shops in it, but the stores only sell special Indonesian food. Gunawan said the concept of Wakuliner is customer to customer (C2C) where people make their own online store and sell to serve buyers in the platform.

"We have also prepared many supporting features to make it easier for people to enjoy Indonesian cuisine and this feature also has its own function," said Gunawan.

Tinuku.com Wakuliner, startup of Indonesian food marketplace

Some of the features provided are Waku-Send, Waku-Wiku and Waku-Catering. Marketplace platforms can be used on smartphones that adopt the Android and iOS operating system to make it easier for customers to use Wakuliner.

"We are already present in all smart phone operating systems so customers just choose, want to use which one," said Gunawan.

Statistics to date have collected 3,600 sellers or merchants spread across major cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surakarta, Surabaya, Palembang and Makassar. Gunawan has a target of 10,000 merchants in 60 cities and 250,000 users.

"We are optimistic to meet this target and even now we have provided payment gateway to facilitate payment system," said Gunawan.