The XYT modular vehicle in customizable design

XYT designed a modular electric car that can be adjusted to assemble 580 parts like a craft. A company in France says the car platform is built based on a vision to live better and create new opportunities in the city and countryside as the future of professional mobility by creating new grades of modular style and clean environment.

Tinuku The XYT modular platform in customizable design

A company in France designed the XYT vehicle that allows professionals to create new experiences for customers and urban architects to rediscover the public space. The platform is small and simple to customize the owner's needs and allows the adoption of multiple versions.

Another strategy fills a niche of clean mobility markets and allows DIY modification as a work in various unique versions. The car is assembled from 580 parts and locally upgraded or modernized according to the user's wishes without being dependent on the manufacturing model as in traditional cars.

The company has three major versions of individual mobility as a small version and uses two doors, a pickup version to support the business, and a larger version is a taxi design where the design is longer and has four doors.

No information when this vehicle will go fully into production and sold to the market. The car is estimated to have a range of 100 to 200 kilometers, the top speed is 100 kph, and the price is around €15,000.