Denso, Ericsson, Intel, NTT DoCoMo and Toyota build big data

Denso Corporation, Ericsson, Intel Corporation, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), NTT DoCoMo, Toyota InfoTechnology Center Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation collaborate to develop big data. Major industry players initiated the establishment of the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium to develop an ecosystem for connected cars.

Tinuku Denso, Ericsson, Intel, NTT DoCoMo and Toyota build big data

The telecommunications and automotive industry players formed a consortium to develop ecosystems in support of intelligent driving services, building maps with real-time data and driving assistance based on cloud computing.

The consortium estimates the volume of vehicle and cloud data to reach 10 exabytes per month by 2025 or approximately 10,000 times greater than the current volume. The increase will trigger the need for network architecture and new computing infrastructure to support distributed resources and storage capacity topology.

NTT Docomo says an architecture will be built to conform to the prevailing standards that require collaboration on a local and global scale. The consortium will focus on increasing network capacity to accommodate large data automotive in a reasonable way between vehicles and the cloud.

The system uses more efficient edge computing and network design. Services require the development of mobile device platforms in design focus for the automotive industry.

The consortium will also encourage the development of best practices for distributed and layered computing approaches recommended by members. In the coming months, these companies will begin activities to invite relevant global technology leaders and expand the consortium.

Collaboration of large companies has been done to anticipate the need for big data in the automotive industry in the future. In July, a global consortium led by Baidu to build an open source cloud network. The company also collaborated with Microsoft in building big data.