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Germany test facial recognition technology at Berlin station

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The German government tests face recognition technology at the train station. Authorities have launched automatic face recognition technology tests over the next six months at a Berlin railway station involving more than 200 volunteers. The state security official said a new device in which three cameras filmed entrances and escalators could be used to improve security in the future.

Tinuku Germany test facial recognition technology at Berlin station

German police have started a facial recognition technology project involving more than 200 people to have names and two photos stored for the project at Südkreuz station. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere says a technology will continue to be developed for security services.

German police installed the first face camera to help track and capture suspects of crime and terrorism. Many Germans are increasingly concerned about security following attacks by asylum seekers that sparked criticism of Merkel's decision to allow more than a million migrants. Germany test facial recognition technology at Berlin station

"We want to test how good this technology is," said police spokesman Jens Schobranski.

The pilot project will be conducted within six months as part of a pledge by Chancellor Angela Merkel to raise the budget for police and security. German volunteers have been incorporated into the system to gauge how well software recognizes and differentiates from others passing at Südkreuz station.


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