India rejects vehicle insurance without pollution certificates

India's Supreme Court has ordered the insurance industry to reject vehicles insurance without Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates. India has taken a progressive step to support the country's fight against dirty fuel emissions that continue to suffocate the people. The court has decided the insurance company may only provide a policy for a vehicle that has a valid PUC.

Tinuku India rejects vehicle insurance without pollution certificates

The highest court in India ordered the insurance company to refuse a vehicle license renewal without a pollution certificate. The Institution receives recommendations from the Environment, Prevention and Control Authority (EPCA) to ensure the obligatory linkage of PUC certificates and annual vehicle insurance holders.

The court ruled on the basis of a report prepared by the EPCA that shows the poor level of compliance of the PUC program. In Delhi, only 23% of vehicles are conducting for PUC tests to link compulsory vehicle insurance with PUC certificates.

The Center for Science and Environment (CSE) says compliance rates are expected to increase significantly after the Supreme Court decision is applied nationally. The court also ordered that the PUC center be established at all refueling stations. The panel of judges directed the PUC center to be connected online and set up a data center to prevent manual interference.

Currently the system has been plagued with corruption, improper testing and non-functioning equipment, false certificates, lack of qualified PUC operators, and poor application of calibration requirements for testing equipment. New directions will help improve compliance and management.

India has some of the worst rated cities in the world due to air pollution. The annual average concentration of 2.5 PM in Delhi is usually more than 10 times the National Ambient Air Quality Standards in the US of 12 micrograms per cubic meter.