Milk capsules to revolutionize coffee drinking style

A new technique will revolutionize the style of future coffee drinking. The team of researchers at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) has developed a soluble milk capsule when placed in a hot beverage that not only reduces the use of conventional plastics, but also capsules are also easier to use.

Tinuku Milk capsules to revolutionize coffee drinking style

"Crystals form a kind of pack around capsules that are easily soluble in hot liquids and can also be used for other liquids, for example, we also summarize fruit juice concentrates," says Martha Wellner of MLU published findings in the journal Chemical Engineering & Technology.

The preparation of a milk capsule is quite simple in which a sugar solution or the like provides a coating properties when produced and placed in a mold. Sugar compounds will move to the edge of the liquid to form crystals when cooled, while milk and other fill the inside.

Wellner and Joachim Ulrich conducted several tests to check the materials and cooling process to produce the best product. Currently the two options for milk containers are sweet, slightly sweet and sugar-free. Capsules are produced in various forms and stored at room temperature over three weeks.

"We have researched different encapsulation processes as part of other PhD projects, but with other purposes. Capsules replaced packaging, such as coffee creamer used in large quantities at conferences or on airplanes," Ulrich said.

The researchers believe the new environmentally friendly method has many potential applications and they have registered a patent in 2015, even though they do not have a product ready on the market.

They are also continuing to develop to ensure milk capsules meet all legality requirements for general market and also whether containers without the hassle of manufacturing as industrial products.