Indonesian govt upgrade negative content reporting system

The Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics updated the negative content reporting service on the official page. Ticket-based services allow the public to better monitor their reports processed by the government. This new system is the addition of features where complainants find it easier to report a negative content and make it possible to track each stage process and more transparent.

Tinuku Indonesian govt upgrade negative content reporting system

"Previously, if there was any reporting of content sometimes lost. Those who complain also do not care. Now everything is more transparent because it can be monitored, "said the Indonesian Minister of Communications and Informatics, Rudiantara, Tuesday.

"The government is trying to be transparent and the public must also be transparent. If both are transparent we have more pressure to immediately complete the incoming report," said Rudiantara.

Earlier this August the Indonesian government intensively called on platform operators such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram to collaborate on handling negative content in each service. This latest feature update allows the public to contribute to counteracting negative content in cyberspace.

The ministry in the period from January to July 2017 received 32,465 negative content complaints where hate speech content first place was 10,592 complaints, then hoax content, online fraud, radicalism and terrorism, intellectual property infringement, illegal investment, violent invitations, malware, viruses, phishing, and others.

Reporting by the public includes three stages when people denounce a negative content. They will visit the site, the next step of verification where the team analyzes. If a report is categorized negative content then the team makes recommendations to the authorized institution.

The next stage is an agreement. If the negative content is a site or app, then the government will immediately bring to the "black list" database. If the content is social media, the government will report to the platform operator.

The ticketing system allows every reporting to receive a registration number. Applicants may check their complaint status directly and notifications sent to email. The public must sign in where the official identity of the complainant is considered important and prevent anonymous reporter.

"As a first step, reporting needs to fill in the name, email address, password, generate report and get report ticket, then data verification process will be easier to process. The more data uploaded will make it easier for us to process," said Head of System and Data at the ministry, Yessi Arnez.