88spares.com will soon raise funding by global investors

88spares.com will get funding for the first time. The start-up of the B2B marketplace serves the clothing industry from textile machinery to garment sales and is the only one in the world. CEO and Co-Founder 88spares, Hartmut Molzahn, said in the next two or three weeks will get funding by global investors, but he did not mention the amount of investment money.

Tinuku 88spares.com will soon raise funding by global investors

"In the next two or three weeks there will be good news for you and we will inform you of the funds coming from investors for the development of 88spares.com," said Molzahn in Nusa Dua, Bali.

The 88spares.com beta version has served consumers, Molzahn said that 88spares.com is operated using its own funds from the founders. The business model they develop for textile companies or garment players and will disrupt brokers because the platform will cut supply chain throughout the industry.

"We have two customers who are machine parts players for fabric manufacturers and garment players who need fabric from factories so far the ecosystem supports the concept we offer," said Molzahn.

"One of the challenges is to train customers to get used to go online, which is not easy because our customers are a corporate market, involving multiple parties for automation, while they are accustomed to offline patterns," Molzahn said.

The 88Spares platform is designed to have features that will make it easier for users to easily sell and buy textile and garment production equipment, transparent and competitive prices. The start-up tells users to get smart features to optimize productivity.

"Users will make savings through 88Spares to sell and buy easily a variety of production needs such as textile machinery parts," said CMO and Co-Founder 88Spares, Rosari Soendjoto.