Anthony Tan: Next 20 years no one needs their own car

Grab founder and CEO, Anthony Tan, said that in the next 20 years no one needs their own car. In the future people do not need to own their own cars, but people will have a planned subscription that allows them to travel on a self-drive vehicle on roads that have been pioneered since now and come home on bicycles.

Tinuku Anthony Tan Next 20 years no one needs their own car

Tan said future mobility is not just a vehicle, but also an overall efficiency. Drivers will switch from just driving, they will become super drivers. Autonomous vehicles will work as well as mobile ATMs and to sell things.

"The world in which people will buy subscription mobility plans, just like today's technology companies, you use self-driving cars from Shenzhen to Hong Kong," Tan said in a panel discussion at the Forbes Global CEO Conference on Wednesday.

Tan says investments in artificial intelligence will help bring the world closer to a vision of an independent transport ecosystem using a 3D routing, sensing and topographic algorithm that allows optimizing traffic and routes to help people save time.