Burger King launches WhopperCoin cryptocurrency

Burger King launched WhopperCoin as its own cryptocurrency in Russia. Burger King's fast-food network launches the virtual currency as a gift to customers who buy Whopper burgers at restaurants in Russia. The WhopperCoin is stored as a digital wallet based on the Waves blockchain platform to transact and transmit the virtual currency.

Tinuku Burger King launches WhopperCoin cryptocurrency

The customer will use WhopperCoin to buy a burger at a Burger King restaurant where one Whopper burger is equivalent to 1700 WhopperCoin. The price of one Whopper burger is 400 rubles, meaning the consumer will get a free Whopper after buying five Whopper.

"Now, Whopper is not just a burger that people love in 90 countries around the world, but also investment tools," said Head of External Communications Burger King Russia, Ivan Shestov, Friday.

WhopperCoin has so far only been available at Burger King fast food restaurants in Russia and they have not planned to expand coverage to other countries. The company does not have any special software yet, but next month the company will release iOS and Android apps to simplify the use of WhopperCoin.

Waterloo-based messaging service company Kik Interactive Inc. has also issued its own virtual currency called Kin, while major virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium are growing rapidly. The value of Bitcoin has now gone up about fourfold from January.

The latest report shows the value of Bitcoin reached US$4,648 where demand is mainly users from Japan who continue to rise. The Japanese Yen is the major contributor to Bitcoin's global market by 46 percent, while in the second place is US Dollar at 25 percent, then Yuan China and South Korea's Won each about 12 percent.