gets funded by Kaskus co-founder gets funded by Kaskus founder for unspecified value. The social startup on Thursday announced Kaskus co-founder, Ken Dean Lawadinata, to have an impact investment. Lawadinata said participation in the startup is a form of long-term investment in building future markets.

Tinuku gets funded by Kaskus co-founder

"Campaigns have a long-term market because in the future all industries have to adapt to technology, if they do not want to apply technology as a means of achieving goals, they will be left behind," said Lawadinata.

"Digital campaign action is not just an investment, we build communities and markets better for future business easier," said Lawadinata. is a startup to serve individuals, communities, small businesses to corporations to design and campaign in all areas. Lawadinata and CEO, William Gondokusumo, want to build a social campaign tradition as an ongoing activity.

"We see governments, corporations and organizations feeling hungry to work together. The growing campaign of CSR projects is part of some of the strategic values of government and companies," Gondokusumo said.