China sets 2019 deadline for carmakers to meet green car targets

China has officially set a deadline in 2019 for carmakers to meet green car sales targets. The Chinese government on Thursday announced a deadline in 2019 to force the target of selling plug-in and hybrids vehicles and remove traditional vehicles after a delay from its previous schedule in 2018.

Tinuku China set 2019 deadline for carmakers to meet green car targets

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has officially adopted a policy called new-energy vehicles (NEVs) to set an environmentally friendly new vehicle sales quota of at least 10 percent by 2019 and that rate will rise to 12 percent for 2020.

The quota is an important part where China is the world's largest auto market and the first step to developing the NEV market for its long-term goal is to ban traditional vehicle production announced earlier this month. China has been determined to fight air pollution.

Under the regulation it also allows automakers to receive credit for plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric cars that can be transferred or traded. Companies with annual sales volume above 30,000 units must meet the set targets.