Dimo Pay and McDonald's collaborate payments using PaybyQR

Dimo Pay and McDonald's Indonesia collaborate on smartphone payments. The mobile payment solution start-up on Tuesday announced a partnership with Rekso National Food as the licensee of the McDonald's brand in Indonesia for payment service using QR code called PaybyQR.

Tinuku Dimo Pay and McDonald's collaborate payments using PaybyQR

Director of Finance and Information Technology of McDonald's Indonesia, Yanti Lawidjaja, said the cooperation aims to provide more diverse payment options as a form of primary concern to customer convenience.

The use of QR codes will also shorten transaction time. Currently payments using the new QR code can be made for transactions at McDonald's outlets, while payments for online orders can not yet use QR codes.

"We believe PaybyQR's technology innovation by Dimo will drive the development of McDonald's operational systems more effectively to reduce manual systems," Lawidjaja said.

Dimo Pay CEO Mario Gaw said the partnership allows McDonald's customers who have e-wallet and mobile banking applications to pay using QR codes. Some applications that have become Dimo Pay partners are Sinarmas Bank's Simobi, PayPro, PayTren, Doku, BNI's UnikQu, T-Money and Uangku.