Dyson vacuum cleaner maker added $2.7 billion to electric car

Dyson Ltd. confirmed it is building an electric car to launch in 2020. The domestic vacuum cleaner maker based in Malmesbury that has long been rumored to be producing its own electric vehicle has confirmed to enter into the industry. James Dyson confirmed the company will bring an electric car to the market.

Tinuku Dyson vacuum cleaner maker added $2.7 billion to electric car

Dyson has reportedly acquired a US$90 million Michigan-based startup battery pack, Sakti3, and announced plans to build a US$1 billion battery factory to mass-produce next-generation battery technologies.

Dyson also confirmed having already set up a team of 400 people working on the project that supported the company with an investment of 2 billion pounds (US$2.7 billion). Dyson has not explained more about the project in this industry that has a tough competition.

James Dyson says it has long been worried about exhaust emissions and his company is developing filters for diesel vehicles. They did not make the automotive industry, but over the years have developed technology for household appliances that are useful in the development of electric vehicles.

"It remains my ambition to find a solution to the global problem of air pollution. Some years ago the automotive company did not want to change itself, I committed to developing new battery technology. I believe the vehicle will solve the pollution problem. Dyson continues to innovate," said Dyson.

"At this moment, we finally have the opportunity to bring all our technology together into a single product. Not an emissions filter in the exhaust, today we have the ability to cope from the source. I want you to hear right away that Dyson has started working on electric vehicle batteries that will launched in 2020, "said Dyson.