Elon Musk showcased SpaceX's rocket for Earth-to-Earth

SpaceX showcased an ambitious plan for service around the Earth anywhere less than an hour. Elon Musk at the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2017 in Adelaide, Australia, says rockets built to travel throughout the solar system can revolutionize travel anywhere on Earth to fly at 17,000 mph.

Tinuku Elon Musk showcased SpaceX's rocket for Earth-to-Earth

SpaceX plans to use the spacecraft for transit passengers. Elon Musk discloses the plan at IAC and shows SpaceX that has been designed for Earth missions to Lunar and Mars can be implemented to Earth to Earth in any region in just 30 minutes.

The rocket will fly passengers to a height where the aircraft will not face the barriers of air, wind and rain that will dramatically increase the potential speed and efficiency in terms of fuel use.

SpaceX showed during a presentation where 22 minutes to Hong Kong to Singapore, 24 minutes from LA to Toronto, 25 minutes from LA to New York, and only 30 minutes from New York to Paris. Passengers use futuristic boats to head for rocket launches at sea,

The rocket then exits the Earth's atmosphere, the rocket propelled back to Earth and the passenger capsule continues to its destination at a speed of 16,777 mph (27,000 km/h). The landing method is no different from Falcon 9's first stage to lower passengers.